Jobs vs. Environment: A False Choice

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The reality is that we deal with this everyday. We can probably even think about moments of our own experience (or others) where corporations have pitted workers against communities working to protect their health and environment. In this workshop, we’re removing the choice all together to realize what we know is possible: the ability to build resilient communities within a regenerative, life sustaining economy. We’ll use Bay Localize’s Climate Risk and Job Opportunity Assessment in small group discussions to help identify:

  • How the climate and energy crisis is impacting where you live
  • Actions your community can take to build resilience – by both reducing emissions and preparing for climate impacts
  • Green jobs and sustainable business opportunities these actions could create

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  1. Ary

    I currently live in one of those foerlrmy small towns. In the past 10 years the population has quadrupled, subdivisions replaced centry old farms (grrrr – but thats another story) and big-box stores are movin’ on in right and left, Mom & Pop stores are going belly up!Sign me up for this book. I’m interested!!

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