A Toolkit for Creating The Permaculture City

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Based on Toby’s latest book, The Permaculture City, this presentation shows that urban permaculture is about much more than gardening in the city. Growing food is only a small part of the challenges we face in solving our essential and increasingly urgent problem of coexisting with a finite planet and with each other. The new edge for permaculture—where many visionaries are working right now—is taking permaculture out of the garden and into the city streets, the neighborhoods, local governments, and businesses. What permaculture has taught us in the landscape applies perfectly to our need for community, decision-making, justice, livelihood, water, shelter, and energy. This presentation, filled with inspiring examples of cutting-edge city permaculture from across the continent, will show how permaculture’s toolkit can be readily adapted to meet the social, economic, and other needs of urban, suburban, and small town environments.

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