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Abigail Hinds ~ began her womb journey many years ago when she got her IUD taken out and learned how to track her own moon cycle. This began a long journey of connecting more deeply with her body, her womb and the reflection of the cycles of the earth within. She weaves together studies of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Dance, Womb Health, Blood Mysteries, Herbal Medicine, Permaculture, and Sound Healing to help create greater embodiment, connection, nourishment and empowerment. She is passionate about empowering our unique creative gifts through returning to our wombs and to the earth ~ remembering the powerful consciousness and wisdom that resides there. Abigail offers Moon Cycle Education, Womb Awareness and Healing, Somatic Sensual Healing, Transformational Ritual, Yoni Steams, Plant Medicine Consultations, Sound Healing, Theta Healing and Counseling. She is a gifted and intuitive artist and weaver, infusing magic and the creative spirit of life into sacred jewelry as medicine prayers for healing. May all the wombs of this earth be honored and free <3


Moon Blood Empowerment

Aligning with Your Moon Cycle for Inner Resilience & Empowerment