Amani Will

A Singing Poet, BeatMan, Meditator, Educator, smooth talking, spirit walking, psychic somatic Tarot in the town talkin’ Irreverent Reverend. We Consult, curriculum write, and program manage. Facilitate, collaborate, and liberate. Raise the creative, nurture the awareness, and live the practice. Amani Will is a long time student of the heart, a practitioner of the sacred smile, and an engineer of the opening eye. An interracial child, of grassroots organizers, while marinating in the tumultuous Grief filled Bay Area 1980’s. Amani has been active in community, organizing and consciousness shifting for over 20 years. What began as a creative response to Bay Area violence, sadness, madness, tragic-ness, has continued as a life full of creativity, compassion, vulnerability. Wa Ama & The Lion Truth, Amani, I Am Many has helped to develop and implement widely used and internationally shared curriculum, even with so many names can never forget its them. Amani brings innovative ensembles of social justice empowerment, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, somatic wisdom, ceremony, music, theatre, and the overall return to presence, wonder, and creativity; and invites us to continue to learn from our shared humanity and explorations into freedom. Website:​


2017 Workshop:

Intuitional Literacy 101