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Andrej Loncar works with groups, individuals, organizations, and families on the discovery of the complex function systems of the divine spirit embedded within our bodies and the physical body of the Earth. In this way we can access a whole new world that actively guides everyday life for all living beings on the planet. Then we can consciously engage the developmental path of the soul, actively participate in deep personal transformation, learn to integrate the spiritual aspects of human and earth evolution, and learn to live in the world of the spirit in everyday life. Andrej has been creating and implementing projects that embody ways of life that are in sync with the spiritual dimension and the evolution of our planet.

Through his training programs and gatherings/lectures, Andrej has been teaching people to accurately perceive, feel, and see the invisible spiritual identity and energetic structure that is an integral part of all of us, the space around us, and the Earth with its living landscapes; and to collaborate with the consciousness of the planet. Andrej has also been working with families to establish new functioning dynamics and follow developmental needs based on communication with the spirit world, and find proper use of individual talents. Through his consultations Andrej works with people and their living/working spaces to harmonize the spiritual, emotional, and energetic activity, purpose, and coexistence between people, land, and living/work space. He has also consulted for schools to assist in developing their vision and holistic approach to teaching and guiding children in their coming of age journeys and embracing their life calls.

2015 Convergence Workshop: Discovering the Living Earth: Learning to Live in the Spiritual Dimension of the Planet