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Aysha Massell, MS in Environmental Engineering, is co-founder of Drought Smart, a worker-owned cooperative focusing on  affordable water reuse and harvesting systems for residents and businesses throughout the Bay Area. Aysha is also a permaculture practioner with over 30 years of experience that began as a child working in the family’s organic garden. She has worked on a range of greywater and rainwater projects in New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and California, and her graduate work at UC Berkeley focused on water quality and hydrology.

Aysha’s current projects include urban creek restoration, storm water management, and residential and community-scale water systems. In addition to helping build drought-resilient infrastructures utilizing rain water and greywater, she is interested in developing solutions for equitable and sustainable access to safe drinking water in an increasingly water-scarce world. She is an unabashed water nerd who will enthusiastically engage in discussions about Central Valley water issues if given half a chance. 

2015 Convergence Panel: It’s On! Water Challenges and Solutions for 2016 and Beyond