Closed Loop Designs with Green & Solar Tech for Greenhouses

Solar and Energy Tech for Sustainable Greenhouses.

Chaz Peling of SolSolutions will share some examples of how new appropriate technology and design can be used in greenhouse systems for year around food and herb gardening. Using the principles for closed loop system designs applied to greenhouse environmental systems, there are many new ways to use solar energy and super efficient applications for season extension of growing plants needing, cooling, air flow, lighting, heating and water, that can be created with a low earth and energy footprint. Local, clean and low energy year-round food supplies are the goal, for any location or climate.

Expands some of the goals of permaculture and resilient communities. More ways to grow local food year around. Reducing carbon footprint and energy use for agriculture. Hooks up solar advocacy and energy efficiency with farming. Empowers folks to own the means of energy production. Will have sharing sessions to understand personal power footprints, and ways to self-install and design such systems.

Friday Oct 6| 11am| Willow Grove

Presented by Chaz Peling