Cooking with Acorns: From Foraging to Feasting

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Acorns are an ancient, pre-agricultural staple food common to indigenous cultures throughout the Northern hemisphere. Join us for a hands-on workshop where participants will engage in the process of preparing food from acorn from start to finish. While we pound and leach acorn we will also discuss land stewardship techniques for managing oaks for acorn production, how to gather and sort acorns, various methods for leaching, a cooking demo, as well as easy and delicious recipes to take home.

Learning to prepare food from acorn is an ancestral skill, universal to anyone with ancestry from the northern hemisphere. Oaks are not only an incredibly abundant native tree that offer a multitude of uses (including nutritious food), they are a keystone species essential for biodiversity, and require human relationship in order to thrive. In addition to offering management tips for oaks, this 3-hour hands on workshop will empower folks with practical foraging and cooking skills. The workshop will include a beautiful display of edible and medicinal native plants and crafts, as well as a full setup of acorn processing for participants to get their hands dirty and engaged in the leaching process, and if possible, a small cookstove where we will fry up acorn fritters with elderberry syrup (if not, we’ll just bring the finished product for folks to taste).

Presented By: Lindsay Dailey