Mantra Sound Healing

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Mantras are sonic formulas chanted that allow us to purify the mind, protect from negativity, and generate energy for healing. This workshop will introduce the lay person to simple Tibetan Mantra and give more advanced practitioners a deepening experience into the application of mantra for fulfilling one’s highest purpose in this life. Madhu will lead several mantra practices to benefit all sentient beings and use modern looping technology to enhance the mantras by creating live soundscapes.

Joining our voices in community by intoning sounds that purify our minds and remove obstacles is essential for building a resilient community. Through the ancient practice of chanting we come together with the common intention to liberate ourselves and all beings from the root causes of suffering, promoting unity consciousness. Tibetan mantra practice is useful for all communities at this time by helping maintain a culture that recognizes everything is alive and everything is in a state of vibration, from the spiraling Milky Way to the water and cells in our bodies. By intoning sounds that are pure vibration and activate healing responses int the body, we can take responsibility for our own healing process and ensure a more balanced way of being in community.

Saturday Oct 7| 2pm| Mediterranean Garden

Presented By: Madhu Anziani