My Biome and Me: Healing Fermented Foods?

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The human gut biome is home to a diverse ecology of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, etc. If balanced, the mind/body is vital and healthy, with glowing skin, abundant energy and a generally positive outlook on life . When some of the more parasitic species dominate, food cravings, fatigue, depression, insomnia are some of the possible side effects. We will look at the effects of modern food production, pollution, modern medicine and other factors that influence our biome. We will also look at ways to positively impact our guts including debunking some current myths and hypes around fermented foods flooding the market. There will be a demo on making Raw Kefir and Kefir cheese at the conclusion of the talk.

We will look at the human biome as expressed in harmony and when under stress. We will also look at best practices to promote healthy gut flora.

I think of the gut as each individuals parcel of earth. Like soil in an ecosystem it helps fight infections, breaks down and recycles dead matter, regulates temp, move fluids, etc. It is like a personal permaculture system helping the body and mind run smoother. I am planning on having a demo at the end. There are a variety of fermented foods I can demo, some are very basic, some more complex. I’m happy to talk more about what is possible

Presented By: Doug Miller-Fleig