Herb Spiral Garden

Join Bloom and Anahata, co-founders of Blooming Biodiversity, in the Solar Living Institute’s Spiral Garden to build a beautiful Herb Spiral! 
Herb Spirals stack many functions, and are a key ingredient in the Permaculture garden. Some plants grow best with more sunlight; others like to chill in the shade. Some plants like to grow at higher elevation, others like to be closer to the ground. We will discuss the Social and Environmental integration of the relevant Permaculture principles embedded in Herb Spirals, including: “Integrate rather than Segregate,” “Use & Value Diversity,” “Design from Patterns to Details,” “Catch & Store Energy,” and “Use the Edge & Value the Marginal.” As our teacher, Starhawk, loves to say: “It’s not truly Permaculture unless you have an herb spiral!”
We will teach and sing many plant songs as we build. As Starhawk says: “Communities who sing together, stay together!” Join us in the garden to build community, build an Herb Spiral, and plant up the Regenerative Paradigm!
Learn more about our Permaculture work and journey at www.BloomingBiodiversity.org
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Saturday, 10:30am – 12pm

Presented by Bloom and Anahata