It’s On! Water Challenges and Solutions for 2016 and Beyond

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Everyone knows we are facing a serious water crisis in California and globally. The hottest temperatures on record, unprecedented forest fires and four years of extreme drought are about to be coupled with El Niño flooding weather conditions that scientists say are not like anything they’ve seen. Dwindling water supplies and reduced access to clean water impact under resourced rural communities most, while some urban communities continue to receive pristine mountain water from hundreds of miles away due to antiquated water rights laws. Meanwhile, agriculture uses about 80% of California water, and tensions between farmers and the environment continue to grow as water becomes more scarce.

Fortunately, community resilience businesses like Daily Acts, Greywater Action, Planting Justice, and worker cooperatives like Dig Cooperative and Drought Smart are ahead of the curve. Neighborhoods and local governments can team together to create sustainable and equitable solutions. From drought-tolerant plants, drip irrigation, and harvesting the rain, there’s a ton of smart solutions already working that need to be implemented community by community. Who’s in?

Learn more about panelist: Trathen Heckman, Alfonso “Poncho” Jaramillo & Aysha Massell