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Jamie Edmonds wants to live in a world where humanity lives gently and sustainably on this pale blue dot in harmony with all of our fellow creatures. Jamie is the founder of Transition San Diego, bringing the global Transition Movement, and other concepts and techniques related to sustainability, resilience, community building and permaculture to San Diego County. He also advocates for the adoption of a Natural Law/Resource Based Economic Model and has been active in the San Diego Chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement since 2011. When he’s not speaking on the need to transition to a more sustainable, lower energy lifestyle, you can find him working on expanding his urban permaculture homestead very near his childhood home and San Diego State University. Since retiring from a 22 year career as a Firefighter/Paramedic in March of 2015, Jamie is far busier now exploring the possibilities of ephemeralization, creating abundance, living in the gift, spreading the love, making/walking labyrinths, and reifying the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

2015 Convergence Workshop: Walking the Labyrinth: Fostering Spiritual Growth by Creating Sacred Space and Building Community