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In partnership with the NorCal Community Resilience Network:

Are you leading a grassroots organization or just new to the scene? FUTURE-READY NOW! is the Leadership Training for Powerful Co-Creators of the Planet. In this workshop, you will practice new ways to be more creative, generative, and collaborative in all that you do. You will have the opportunity to embody the capacities needed to build teams that stay creative in a rapidly changing environment. You will discover clear tools to align your purpose with your action and, when things get tough, turn the feeling of powerlessness into motivation. Join the professional guild for people working across domain to co-create a better future, together.

A great philosopher of the 20th century, Marshall McLuhan, once said, “There are no passengers on spaceship earth, only crew.” Each one of us is crew. Unfortunately, at the moment, much of humanity is either ignorant of this notion, or actively ignoring it. Our current systems are not built for a planetary future, just as the law of the land could no longer address issues adequately once we discovered and got acquainted with the sea. Building Resilient Communities and permaculture are part of the Movement to challenge just that. This workshop is to provide tools to develop capacity for leaders who have the purpose to create the future they want to see by helping leaders align their purpose with their actions. As leaders, our participants become an active force in their community and created new ways of addressing our basic needs.

Through engaging activities, and some content provided in presentations, our participants learned and experienced new ways of being leaders. Our model of leadership is not “command and control.” It is listening, discovering, encouraging others and moving ideas to action. It is not directing, as if you have all the answer, but it is also not pretending to be smaller than you really are. Our model of leadership is also about awareness of our participants’ own present experiences and even how others are experiencing them. The ability to create change comes back to the capacity for connection – the ability to be in relationship with self and others. This workshop helps people build bridges within themselves, allies, edge groups, and even enemies.

Presented By: Crystal Huang