Dancing with the Trees : Exploring an Authentic Relationship with the More than Human World

Holding the worldview that the earth and all beings on it are alive and connected, this workshop combines the practice of Authentic Movement with Heart Field Perception to help us move with the rhythm of the trees. This process will hold not just other people but the tree and plant world as witness to our movement explorations to allow for the human animal and human mind be in full moving and being with ‘other’. This process will include a nature walk, opening ceremony with altar building and intention setting, heart perception meditation with the plant that calls you most, authentic movement triad exploration, group sharing and closing ceremony. This is a lab for discovery!

This practice is paramount to tapping into the living web of life of which we are all an integral part. It strives to return the human organism to that web by way of direct experience with the hopes that those who experience it will find communion, companionship, and allyship with the more than human world. Permies have an “in” already and this practice brings in spirit, creativity, self-care, the body, and a larger sense of awe and integration that will only deepen our relationship to place. It’s ancient wisdom in action.

Presented By: Tayla Ealom