Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons

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The concept of sharing cities is getting considerable traction with grassroots groups and city governments around the world. Seoul, Amsterdam, London and Milan are just four examples. While these efforts share commonalities, the sharing city concept is not well defined. This presents important opportunities (and risks) that are being addressed by communities large and small around the world. This presentation will highlight people, projects and policies working to create real equitable Sharing Cities.

This presentation will highlight replicable projects and policies which are currently supporting city wide resiliency. The work that Shareable does focuses heavily on connecting people and projects working on similar things around the world to strengthen the movement as a whole.Tom Llewellyn will be available before and after (both the presentation and event) to answer questions and make connections on a global scale.

Friday Oct 6| 3:30pm| Hops Tipi

Presented By: Tom Llewellyn