Music of the Movement – Singing our Community into Life (Circle Songs Around the Fire)

Come gather around the fire, and let the richness of the day’s events and learning integrate and resonate in song!  Music builds community, and is essential to carrying a movement forward!  What are the songs for our time, and how can we use music to catalyze our communities, create unity, uplift hearts and build our movements?  Composer and singer Ysaye Barnwell teaches that in the African-American tradition, every song has a purpose and that songs are the backbone of building community.  We will share simple songs that you can sing and teach to others, and will invite you to share your songs also.  

Presented By: Tara Marchant, Katia Sol, Christopher Kuntzsch

Saturday, September 17th | 7:45 – 8:45 PM | Fire Pit (Hops Tipi)