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Lilly has worked in almost every facet of the Real Estate Industry. Beginning as a transaction coordinator in residential real estate, she has held positions in the mortgage industry, residential and commercial property management, credit repair, loan modifications, commercial real estate, and residential real estate appraisal. Lilly has spent the last five years as the office manager, property administrator, assistant property manager, operations manager and agent for CBRE, Green Key Commercial and now, Clear Blue Commercial.

Lilly is active in the water conservation movement through commercial turf conversions. Along with the support of an enthusiastic team of partners, Lilly has successfully coordinated four lawn transformation projects within Redwood Business Park totaling approximately 94,000 ± SF, saving 2,350,000 gallons of water annually by the end of 2015. Lilly is a 2015 Fellow of the Leadership Institute for the Ecology and the Economy’s Leadership for a Sustainable Future program.

Born and raised in beautiful Sebastopol, CA , Lilly still resides in Sonoma County. She graduated California State University Chico with a Bachelor of Arts. Lilly has two beautiful children, Kayla Star and Ryder Sky. They light her life everyday with fun, affection and wonder. She considers her children to be her greatest accomplishment