Plant Medicine & Community Health – Past, Present & Future

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Medicinal plant knowledge presents a timely opportunity to create healthier and more bio-diverse world from the ground up. What can YOU do in your backyard? What information can we trust to make informed choices in our own healthcare? What might be some collective strategies for systemic change (allowing access to info on what works)?

Want to expand green medicine (beyond cannabis)? Join this conversation!

Of the roughly 5,000 languages now spoken on Earth, only 150 or so are expected to survive to the year 2100. With these languages, knowledge of healing plants are lost forever. Today, roughly 80% of the world relies on some form of medicinal plants also known as community health care.

A panel of diverse health, cultural, and community leaders will explore impact and opportunity of local medicine – Past, Present & Future, from California to Zimbabwe to the Amazon of Suriname. Join Melanie St. James and other practitioners, and advocates in a community dialogue to learn, share and elevate solutions!

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