We are honored to be Partnering with the following organizations and businesses for the 2016 North American Permaculture and Building Resilient Communities Convergence.


Convergence Activators

Permaculture Design Publishing

http://www.permaculturedesignmagazine.com/ Permaculture Design is an independent journal serving the permaculture movement in North America. We aim to provide information useful to people actively working to establish permaculture systems “on the ground.” ...
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Convergence Stewards

Debra Recommends

http://debrarecommends.com/ Debra Recommends is committed to informing you of the best cutting edge, new paradigm happenings, community offerings and transformational ...
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Fellowship for Intentional Community

http://www.ic.org/ The Fellowship for Intentional Community supports and promotes the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture ...
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Frey Vineyards

http://www.freywine.com/ Climate change may be one of the greatest challenges of our generation and Frey Vineyards understands the responsibility and ...
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Gaia University

http://gaiauniversity.org/ Gaia University nurtures systematic and conscious development of emerging leaders, visionaries, elders, and activists, through accredited action-learning in the ...
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Harmony Connects

http://harmonyconnections.com/ Harmony Connections brings Harmony and Connection through Music, Art, Ecology, Healthy Living and Spirituality for 30+ years ...
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House Kombucha

http://www.housekombucha.com/ House Kombucha is a family-run, community startup dedicated to bringing the ancient tradition of fermenting a living, probiotic tea ...
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Lagunitas Brewing Company

https://lagunitas.com/ From points distant and beyond we all converged on Petaluma in 1993 and '94 with an unenunciated desire to ...
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Pacific Domes

http://www.pacificdomes.com/ Domes are nature’s perfect structure and provide a unique environment for every use, including 360° projection domes, dome homes, ...
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Regenerative Design Institute

http://www.regenerativedesign.org// The Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) is a non-profit educational organization with the vision that all people can live in ...
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Sol Solutions

http://www.sol-solutions.com/ SolSolutions designs and manufactures portable solar power and lighting equipment. Complementing this is our Green your Grow products, like ...
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Southeastern Permaculture Gathering

http://southeasternpermaculture.org/ The Southeastern Permaculture Gathering meets every year to learn new skills, serve the Earth, create community & celebrate life ...
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Convergence Allies

Adventures in Permaculture

http://www.adventuresinpermaculture.com/ Permie-journos Steven Saint Thomas and Trudy Thomas try to explain permaculture and Transition to the average American with articles, ...
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Bastyr University

http://www.bastyr.edu/ The Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr University is a 12 month evening and weekend program grounded in ...
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http://www.bija.foundation/ Bīja is a Sanskrit word that translates commonly to “seed.” Every sound in a mantra is a bija, so ...
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Friends of the Trees Society

http://friendsofthetrees.net/ Friends of the Trees Society was founded in 1978 to double the world’s forest cover. We have been promoting ...
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KRCB North Bay Public Media

http://www.krcb.org/ News. Arts. Ideas. Where you are ...
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Onchenda Open Global Foods Cooperative

http://onchenda.com/ Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative is a social enterprise whose mission is to alleviate hunger and poverty by enabling ...
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Permaculture Design International

http://www.permacultureintl.com/ Permaculture Design International is a full service design and build firm specializing in ecological design for farm, ranch, homestead, ...
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http://www.shareable.net/ Shareable is a public media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, ...
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http://www.solarcitybayarea.com/ San Francisco is no stranger to the solar power industry, ranking as one of the cities at the forefront ...
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The 13 Moon CoLab

http://www.13mooncollaborative.com The 13 Moon CoLab offers evolutionary education in permaculture, inner resilience and community building. Our courses initiate you into ...
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The Integral Center

http://integralcenter.org/ The Integral Center is an evolving community-powered organization who’s mission is to foster the emerging Integral wave of consciousness ...
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The Northwest Permaculture Convergence

http://northwestpermaculture.org/ The Northwest Permaculture Convergence (NWPCC) is an inclusive annual weekend-long event that alternates between Oregon and Washington State. The ...
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US Pure Water

http://www.uspurewater.com/ USPW is at the forefront of the green revolution, greening festivals and events, by educating consumers and providing self-serve ...
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Community Partners


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