Regenerative Funding: Raising Resources for the Movement

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How do we use the permaculture ethics and practices in resource development that is regenerative? What funding opportunities exist to support our work? What impacts our ability to access, steward and regenerate these resources? How is fundraising an opportunity to connect around what we hold sacred, an opportunity to change the dominant narrative, to tell new stories about the world that’s possible, that we envision and are co-creating? In this interactive workshop, we will delve into these general questions and answer some specific ones as well.

We’ll share case studies about the world of fundraising, from strategic planning and movement building work to grants, contract funding and crowd funding. Specific best practices, resources, and next steps will be highlighted. The workshop is going to explore what role funding, from institutions and from individuals, can play in our process of moving the movements from ‘lime green to dark green’. Participants will examine case examples, discuss what benefits and challenges exist. After extensive observation and interaction, how do we seek and cultivate financial resources that are available, for example, for emergency preparedness, prisoner re-entry, water conservation and watershed management, community sustainability?

Participants will gain perspective and build capacity at multiple scales– as an individual, to their enterprise/community partner, to the larger ecosystem of the communities and movements — on how we can place funding within a permaculture framework, what opportunities and challenges exist, how permaculture can help create regenerative funding / how funding can help grow our Movement regeneratively and with liberation.