Empowering Pregnancy & Birth

Know how you came here, your birth rights in and out of the hospital setting, and tools to make pregnancy and birth a naturally smooth process. Open to all Genders~ we all came through this process.

How are we bringing the next generation onto this planet? Come to learn pregnancy & birth information all beings should know. All Genders encouraged to come…everyone came from this process! What you most likely didn’t learn in school about pregnancy & birth. Simple tools to make pregnancy, birth, and conception a naturally smooth transition. We will also address your rights in California hospitals and homes regarding the birth process.

I believe that how the next generation enters this world has great impact on the individual birthed into this world, the birthing person, and the community that being is birthed into. And how these being relate to the world, with interacts how each person interacts in the world. For example how sacred or un sacred tehy see and really feel/know the natural world and our interconnected ness with all of it. How are we choosing to support the initiation process into parent hood? How do we better honor this process, and what are tangible tools to make birth as natural as possible. By natural I mean little to no un necessary medical intervention. When needed how do we really nourish and support that intervention process in a way that minimalism trauma to all involved. In this work shop I would like to provide basic information that I feel all people (planning to get pregnant, already are pregnant, supporting pregnant people, or people who also came from this process) should know. For example how the fetus is nourished, the growing process, the process that occurs to the birthing person in labor, the recover after, that most people poop in labor (stuff we were mostly not taught in school). This will be quick but informative. Then I would like to go into California law and hospital info. What are standard proto call in hospitals, which do have right to say no to, when do you have a right but it won’t be presented to you that way. This is important to know way ahead of time! Finally a few small suggestions on simple things to help make the birth smooth. This will be interactive. For example Serving nettle and raspberry leaf tea, doing squats together, and other tools to support pregnancy into birth.

Presented by Rachel Hinds