Rivers of Life: An exploration of Woman’s Lymphatic Health

An Ayurvedic perspective of lymphatic and breast health self-care practices for Women.

In this class we will explore Lymphatic Breast Health though the lens of Ayurvedic self care. We will dive into our inner oceans and begin to understand the importance the lymphatic system plays in self care and immunity as well as teach some tools to help support lymph flow and blood circulation. We will discuss anatomy and physiology, common health concerns for women as well as contributing lifestyle factors. Together we will come up with creative solutions to our blockages around self- care as well as mind body medicine techniques to infuse into our daily practice. This will be an exciting and inspiring journey into the juiciness that is Ayurvedic self care and Women’s Health!

Womans health, and understanding of lymphatic health in general is a vital part of sustaining resilient communities. We need to take our health and healing back into our own hands, and be empowered in our knowledge of our bodies. If we want to be vital, healthy humans working for change we need our bodies to remain healthy and resilient too. Being able to learn about how we can take good care of our bodies, minds and spirits ensures that we will be able to fully show up in all other areas of our lives. This will be presented as a skill share, a new way of looking at our health and immunity that we can take home and apply to our own daily practices. This information can and ought to be shared throughout our communities to help individuals find their best expression of health and vitality.

Presented by Anja Robinson