Restoring Salmon and Redwooods Using Recirculating Aquaponics

Learn how Salmon, Trout and other native species can be used to grow redwood trees from seeds or re-sprouts using nutrient rich water from the fish. This has never been done before to our knowledge and seems like a perfect marriage of species and ecosystems that have been evolving together for millions of years. This presentation will cover the design and results from the first test system growing fish and Redwoods together. The goal will be to restore deforested and/or clear-cut lands be replanting Redwood and other native trees, forest plants, etc. Some of the benefits of using Aquaponics to do this is that it will save vasts amounts of water, require no fertilizing or complicated irrigation systems. Additionally estimates show it will save at least 50% of the labor required to grow redwoods seedling and young trees using standard nursery practices. This method uses only a fraction of the electricity and other inputs currently required in trout and salmon hatcheries. If done correctly, we hope to use these systems to help restore land and watersheds by recharging landscapes and restocking fish species now facing extinction after California’s historic drought! Join Veteran Aquaponics and Permaculture Professional Max Meyers as he shares his 20 years of experience addressing these types of challenges using a more regenerative approach.
Friday, Oct. 6| 3:30pm| Yurt 

Presented by Max Meyers