Gayanee KyGa DeSilva

After experiencing a profound Kundalini (Spiritual) Awakening in 1996 Gayanee went through an intense spiritual journey exploring ancient spiritual traditions as well as learning under modern non-dual teachers. With many expanded states of consciousness…

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Maria Christina Owl Gutierrez

  [img_text_aside style="1" image="" image_alignment="left" headline="" alignment="right"] Maria Christina Owl is an international speaker, spiritual mentor and ceremonial leader. She has offered workshops and rituals in Israel, New Zealand, Canada and the US. She…

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Midwifing the New Earth: Unplug from Old Paradigm Conditioning and Claim Your True Power to Create Reality

[img_text_aside style="1" image="" image_alignment="right" headline="" alignment="right"] Maria Owl will be guiding a 4-hour pre-convergence deep dive, using the wisdom of quantum physics and energy medicine to support you in reclaiming your sovereignty and innate…

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