“Commons” Film Screening

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"]http://permacultureconvergence.com.webserver.vera.asdf456.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/QueenChiefWarhorse1-300x168.png[/image_frame] The Commons is a documentary film about communities all over the world re-asserting sustainable, responsible futures using ancient Commons principles. The Commons are the shared resources of the world, owned by all, not just a few. The Commons are an ancient-new open-source code around the sharing of resources. Five years in the making, we listened as 49 communities in the Americas, Europe and south Asia told us what has made their Commons work over the centuries. In the face of commodification and privatization, when everything seems to have a dollar value, Commoners are now saying, we’re taking a new path forward… http://commonsfilm.com/ Presented By: Bunker Seyfert Thursday,…

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Our 200 Year Plan: Designing our Future Together

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"][/image_frame] What is our 200 year plan---for our planet? For our permaculture and communities movements? What are our best strategies? How do we achieve these? Liora Adler, co-founder of Gaia U, will facilitate a panel of permaculture and community leaders to inspire group discussion by attendees. What is YOUR 200 year plan? Presented By: Liora Adler Sunday September 18th | 2 – 3 PM | Mediterranean Garden

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Gaia U: 10 Years of Supporting EcoSocial Designers. What’s Next?

[image_frame align="left" height="300" width="300" prettyphoto="false"][/image_frame] In 2006 Gaia U opened its (virtual) doors to 40 intrepid actionists--ready to self-design and direct their learning and unlearning pathways through documented hands-on local projects while creating regenerative livelihoods. A "revolution disguised as a university" was how one of our pioneers put it. Liora Adler, co-founder of Gaia U with other Gaia U team members have created an informative, engaging and fun presentation to share our achievements and answer the question, "what's next?" Presented By: Liora Adler  Saturday September 17th | 2 – 2:20 PM | Solar Panel: El Sol

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Alejandra Liora Adler

Alejandra Liora Adler, CEO, is a visionary social actionist facilitator, psychologist, holistic nutritionist, event organizer, photographer and dancer. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s she explored intentional and traditional communities as a means to create a basis for a culture that provided both for physical needs and the basic human need to belong. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Ecovillage Network, its representative to the UN, and as a co-founder of a women's sewing cooperative and two ecovillage projects in Latin America,Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage in Mexico and Caravana Arcoiris por la Paz por la Paz she has shared her experience and knowledge in 30 countries. With Andrew Langford…

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