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  • Ochenda Collen And Dick

    Invisible Structures: A Cooperative Model for Local Food Production & Distribution

    Harrison Quigley, Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative, will present the Onchenda cooperative social enterprise business model, and how it is intended to regenerate healthy local communities, economies and ecosystems once launched. He will be seeking participation from workshop attendees on perfecting the model …

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  • Harrison Quigley

    Harrison Quigley

    Harrison is a Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Co-op, a start-up Utah Benefit Corporation social enterprise. An educator, management trainer and consultant for over twenty-five years, Harrison worked with organizations on four continents in the software, legal, retail, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, market research, and …

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  • Colleen Dick

    Colleen Dick

    After several decades of nutrition consultation, the obvious truth that food is only as healthy as the soil in which it is grown settled upon Colleen, and her search for solutions has led to her joining with Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative.  Her previous work …

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