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    Tina Clarke

    I have been living simply and environmentally, and working for fundamental social change as a consultant, leader, staffmember, board member and volunteer for local, regional, state, national and international movements, since 1981. I directed national citizen training programs for coalitions of faith communities, directed Greenpeace …

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    Widening the Circle – Eco-Conscious Leadership in Practice

    How do we embody a holistic approach that Includes, shares and integrates masculine, feminine and the whole spectrum of gender perspectives and approaches in our Permaculture practices and leadership? Join Kat Steele and Benjamin Fahrer as they share from their experience co-teaching Permaculture for many …

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    Working at the Edges: Exploring Our Personal and Cultural Eco-Systems

    Working at the Edges, exploring our personal and cultural eco-systems. Using self-observation techniques and courageous conversations. The Edges a place where there are an abundant of resources and tensions. The edges is where magic happens. Dive in deeper into our personal and cultural eco-EDGES. How …

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