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  • C Politics

    Connecting Across Partisan Divide

    Left-right political divisions that should be irrelevant are getting in the way of movement building. We’ll quickly review recent cognitive research on why liberals and conservatives divide, and then workshop through our own problematic conversations. These workshops focus on making political conversations more alive and …

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  • Crystal Huang E1471722945585

    Crystal Huang

    Crystal employs strategy and implements operations for organizations working on building regenerative systems. She has worked in variety of sectors, including public, private, and development sectors, driving strategy decisions for startups, non-profits and C-suite. Her experience in sustainability consists of resource recovery, energy management, and …

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  • Davidcasey 768x509

    David Casey

    David Casey is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Political Economy of Industrial Societies, with concentrations in Global Poverty & Practice and Energy & Resources. David has lived and worked in seven countries in Latin America, where he has built an extensive network of connections …

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  • Decolonize Mural

    Decolonizing “Permaculture”

    Principles and practice of permaculture are borrowed heavily from existing and historical Indigenous cultures from their respective bioregions. Yet, the membership of the permaculture community and those uplifted within this world (at least here in the US) mostly look like white settlers to this land. …

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  • Decolonizing Our Resiliency Movements

    The effects of settler colonialism on these lands (Turtle Island) have created the dominant systems that now threaten our very survival, and have conditioned us to sever our ties to Mother Nature and to each other.  We will look at colonial systems of oppression, and …

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  • Desirae Harp

    Desirae Harp is a member of the Mishewal Wappo tribe from the central coast of California, and she is a descendant of the Diné Nation from the Southwest. She is a singer/songwriter, cultural bearer/activist, and teacher. She sings with Audiopharmacy, an internationally acclaimed world music/ …

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  • Don Hall

    Don Hall

    Don Hall is the founder and Executive Director of Transition Sarasota. Previously, he worked for two years as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Transition Colorado (now, the Local Food Shift Group), the first official Transition Initiative in North America and a statewide hub. Don …

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  • Ivan Dragon Dreaming

    Dragon Dreaming the Future

    Dragon Dreaming is a methodology based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment. Drawing upon the insights and experience of Living Systems Theory, Deep Ecology, Transpersonal Psychology, group dynamics, and organizational development, and from indigenous Third and Fourth World cultures and applying them to …

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  • Don Hall Effective Collaboration

    Effective Collaboration

    While working in groups can be fun, it’s not always easy. How do we cultivate effective groups without replicating hierarchical structures or spending too much time on group process? Designed for anyone working towards positive social change, this participatory one-hour workshop will provide you with …

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  • Ellen Bauer

    Ellen Bauer

    Ellen Bauer is the Public Health Division Director for the Sonoma County Department of Health Services.  Prior to this assignment, she was the founding manager of Health Action, a coalition of diverse community leaders convened by the Health Department to identify priority health issues in …

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  • Robin Bloom And Annahata

    Embodying Permaculture

    The Embodying Permaculture workshop is an interactive experience that integrates the permaculture principles and ethics with body-centered awareness practices including transformational theater, collective musical creation, and guided exercises that activate the 5 senses. We complete this journey with a solution-focused discussion counsel, culminating in the …

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    Environmental Activism in Disempowered Comunities

    This workshop is based on a pattern language developed by Benjamin Weiss for white permaculturists wishing to work in underprivileged communities. The workshop will introduce the participants to the pattern language, and guide them briefly through 3 tiers of working points useful for developing skills …

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  • Gu Logo Coral Ball Labe

    Gaia U: 10 Years of Supporting EcoSocial Designers. What’s Next?

    In 2006 Gaia U opened its (virtual) doors to 40 intrepid actionists–ready to self-design and direct their learning and unlearning pathways through documented hands-on local projects while creating regenerative livelihoods. A “revolution disguised as a university” was how one of our pioneers put it. Liora …

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  • Gail Williamson1

    Gail Williamson

    Gail Williamson has worked with numerous community-based organizations of low-income workers in an educational and training capacity over the course of her 33 years as a volunteer organizer. Gail is Secretary-Treasurer of National Equal Justice Association and editor of their newsletter, The NEJA Bulletin. NEJA …

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    Growing Community with Urban Food Forests

    Jessica Bates of El Sobrante, CA, based Food Forest Farm West will highlight the basics and important features of designing a food forest in an urban environment. We will discuss incorporating the over-story and understory, plant placement, as well as maximizing vertical space. We will …

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  • Hank Herrera

    Hank Herrera

    Hank Herrera is President & CEO of the Center for Popular Research, Education & Policy (C-PREP), a non-profit community based organization. C-PREP serves vulnerable communities with participatory action research, training, technical assistance and policy. His work specifically focuses on food justice and building community resilience. …

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  • Hannah HAE Headshot

    Hannah Apricot Eckberg

    Hannah grew up on a rural, coastal ranch in Southern California where she developed a deep connection to nature and growing food. At the age of 19 she became President of Get Oil Out, recognized as America’s first grassroots environmental organization. During her time at …

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  • Integrating Permaculture

    How To Intergrate Permaculture Into Every Day Life

    Permaculture Magazine, North America publisher Hannah Apricot will share ideas about how to take permaculture from the field and integrate it into everyday life. Insight will be given about how to apply the principles into home, school, work, relationships, and other aspects of daily living. A …

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  • Indigenous Rising

    This workshop will discuss how to best support Indigenous peoples rising to address issues of land and food sovereignty, natural resources, and cultural restoration.and how to engage others across the boundaries of culture, class, and community. This workshop is inspired by the rise of indigenous …

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  • 10487371 633955656711363 6155588328357200126 N

    Intentional Communities: Workshop Series

    Workshop 1) How Intentional Communities Can Change the World Intentional communities have been acting as laboratories and social experiments for cooperation, sustainability, and social justice since the 1930’s. The current movement encompasses a broad array of models and organizations that bridge historic communities with new …

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