Environmental Activism in Disempowered Comunities

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This workshop is based on a pattern language developed by Benjamin Weiss for white permaculturists wishing to work in underprivileged communities. The workshop will introduce the participants to the pattern language, and guide them briefly through 3 tiers of working points useful for developing skills and sensitivities to aid in cross-community initiatives. The conversation will focus on strategies for self-development as well as interpersonal skills related to dismantling racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice.

This workshop will help build the permaculture movement by encouraging white permaculture activists to do the difficult work of understanding privilege and power dynamics. The intention is to build a more diverse community within the permaculture movement and within the broader environmental movement. The workshop will serve as an introduction for young activists and as a refresher for seasoned activists. Benjamin will make his full essay (Environmental Activism in Disempowered Communities: A Pattern Language for the Privileged) available to each participant, and the workshop will serve as a springboard into a deeper examination of the pattern language developed within the essay. The workshop will not be a lecture but a guided conversation.

Presented By: Benjamin Weiss