Widening the Circle – Eco-Conscious Leadership in Practice

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How do we embody a holistic approach that Includes, shares and integrates masculine, feminine and the whole spectrum of gender perspectives and approaches in our Permaculture practices and leadership? Join Kat Steele and Benjamin Fahrer as they share from their experience co-teaching Permaculture for many years as well as some of their own recent experiences in leadership positions. Based on the success of last year’s (un)panel on “Women in Permaculture: Celebrating Our Successes and Honoring Our Challenges” this year Kat invites Benjamin to join her in expanding on the theme. They will co-focalize a fish bowl exercise. Join them in the practice of listening deeply to the intimate conversations between Permaculture practitioners on their variety, depth and breadth of personal experiences. How do they do it? What works for them? How do they partner with, recognize, empower themselves and uplift the marginalized approaches, voices, people in our communities? How do they do it while still honoring the masculine and their own gender identity? What approaches are there to Un Learning the Patrix and raising consciousness within our communities? What needs to be improved, transformed, integrated?

2016 Convergence Panel: Koreen Brennan, Magalie Bonneau-Marcil. Moderated by: Kat Steele