Anti-Racism 101: Removing Blind Spots, Building Bridges

In this 3-hour workshop, we will lay the foundation to: *Develop clear definitions of race, oppression and privilege. *Interrupt the pervasive and unseen operations of privilege. *Increase capacity to create interactions that build bridges of trust. *Develop a framework to understand cultural appropriation. *See how a "color-blind" approach while well-intentioned both reads as a time-bomb of hurtful, unexamined entitlement and continues to yield unequal results. * Cultivating a culture that is safe, inclusive, and supportive for diversity to thrive * Learn tools, practices, and principals of alliance. Ray and Michael share Common Vision's Anti-Racism 101 training designed to give white folks the basic understanding and tools they need to create a…

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Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is the Executive Director of Common Vision and has been leading cultural competency workshops for the last decade. He focuses on aiding white folks in overcoming their unique challenges in seeing and understanding the operations of white privilege and racism and understanding their role and responsibility in counteracting the insidious and ubiquitous operations of these systems in everyday life and work. 2017 Workshop:Anti-Racism 101: Removing Blindspots, Building Bridges

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