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  • Bill Mollison

    Tribute to Bill Mollison

    By Graham Bell Graham Bell’s moving tribute to Bill Mollison, who died 24 September in Tasmania, a true pioneer who gave up a promising academic career to challenge the status quo and establish the global Permaculture movement. Bruce Charles ‘Bill’ Mollison (born 1928 in Stanley, …

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  • Marcus Littlewolf

    Marcus Littlewolf is a traditional, ceremonial Oglala Lakota, focusing his efforts in expanding permaculture to those who need it. He has several permaculture certificates, ones centered on teaching and design. His background is in natural building and is currently focusing his efforts in teaching permaculture.

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  • Caleb Gordon

    Caleb Gordon

    Caleb Gordon is the garden manager and intern coordinator at the Solar Living Institute. He has been living and working at the institute for three years where he is learning and practicing different techniques in sustainable living. His passions are teaching and learning new and …

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  • Ellen Bauer

    Ellen Bauer

    Ellen Bauer is the Public Health Division Director for the Sonoma County Department of Health Services.  Prior to this assignment, she was the founding manager of Health Action, a coalition of diverse community leaders convened by the Health Department to identify priority health issues in …

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    Oscar Chavez

    Oscar works for the Sonoma County Department of Human Services. Prior to joining the County, Oscar served as the Executive Director of the Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County, one of the largest community benefit organizations in Northern California. Oscar has dedicated himself to establishing …

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  • Matthew Stephens Community Organizing For Urban Permaculture

    Matthew Stephens

    Matthew Anthony Stephens was born in Beverly on Chicago’s South Side. While the Windy City has not typically been the first place one would think of with regards to permaculture and urban sustainability, up until now, anyway, Matthew is doing his part to change that. …

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  • SolarCity Logo

    SolarCity San Francisco is no stranger to the solar power industry, ranking as one of the cities at the forefront of America’s solar energy revolution. At SolarCity, we know that being one of the most populated cities in California has its advantages, such as the …

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  • RS345 BU Logo Stacked Color Scr

    Bastyr University The Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr University is a 12 month evening and weekend program grounded in the philosophy of working with nature to create resilient landscapes. The program offers an extended study of permaculture design throughout the seasons, far exceeding standard …

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  • Cln Logo No Background Square

    Creative Liberation Network

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  • Rtb Logo

    Round the Block Landscaping

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  • GA Logo Lrg Blue2

    Greywater Action

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  • TaraMarchant Biophoto Red

    Tara Marchant

    Tara Marchant is re-defining herself, like many others, in the emerging Green paradigm. As the Local Director for Emerald Cities Bay Area – Oakland Council, Tara is working across a host of stakeholder organizations (public, labor, community and industry and workforce development) to bring a …

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  • Permaguitar

    Music of the Movement – Singing our Community into Life (Circle Songs Around the Fire)

    Come gather around the fire, and let the richness of the day’s events and learning integrate and resonate in song!  Music builds community, and is essential to carrying a movement forward!  What are the songs for our time, and how can we use music to …

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  • Lala

    Why International Permaculture Convergences are Important for PC Global Movement

    For the permaculture community, the International Permaculture Convergences (IPC) are hugely important. Why is there a global permaculture movement? What makes it continue to influence and inspire people, not only in theory, but in hard practical examples of living solutions around the globe? Projects, actual …

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  • Wes Roeee

    Wes Roe

    Wes Roe is a co-founder of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, an educational non-profit founded in 2000 that has sponsored hundreds of workshops and events about permaculture and sustainability to Santa Barbara region. Wes Roe served as board member & President of the Permaculture Credit …

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  • MargieBushman

    Margie Bushman

     Margie Bushman is a co-founder of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, an educational non-profit founded in 2000 that has sponsored hundreds of workshops and events about permaculture and sustainability to Santa Barbara region. Until recently, Margie was the Program Coordinator for the Santa Barbara City …

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  • Jada Imani

    Jada Imani

    A soul living a human experience. Getting lifted off the new wave of frequencies. Life’s gifts are endless, constantly evolving. Activist, dancer, poet, MCee, love warrior, soula indigo. Member of Tatu Vision: Jada Imani and Maleik Dion, a brother/sister team, are young artists and visionaries, …

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  • Neil Bertando Head Shot

    Neil Bertrando

    Based in Reno, NV, Neil Bertrando manages a 1.3 acre homestead with his wife Katie and the help of many in the community. His passion is enriching bioregions by building community and broadening the local genetic resources of practical plants and animals to relocalize resource …

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  • Loren Luyendyk Head Shot

    Loren Luyendyk

    Loren Luyendyk is a Certified Teacher of Permaculture, with over 15 years of practical experience in Permaculture Design, ecological farming, sustainability, and horticulture. He has a degree in Botany from UC Santa Barbara, and is a Certified Arborist and Master Gardener. He has experience with …

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  • Hqdefault

    Community Drought Solutions – Building Resilience and Abundance Through a Wholistic Design Approach

    With many years experience in water harvesting and permaculture design, Loren, Neil and Jeremiah will share case studies of water harvesting designs and installations from small residential active system to broad/farm scale techniques. Join us in exploring proven techniques to achieve water and food security …

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