Allyship as Humane Symbiosis

An experiential workshop using meditation, Theater of the Oppressed, Nonviolent Communication, and Qi Gong to understand allyship as deepening our organic interconnectedness with the conscious intention to heal.

This workshop is an exploration of the ways that allyship can be understood as deepening our organic interconnectedness with the conscious intention to heal. Jihan will facilitate meditation, somatic exercises, and interpersonal practices to build skill in deconditioning ourselves from manifesting oppressive patterns in our interpersonal relationships and interrupting oppressive patterns with discernment and compassion.

Allies for Life workshops are experiential explorations of our internalized identities and how they shape our relationship to acting for a just and equitable shared reality. Our definition of allyship begins with redefining oneself as primarily an Earth-being, all others being subject to this one that calls for our alliance with forms of Life. Participants will gain clarity on their internalized notions of identity, skill in interrupting oppressive patterns of behavior in themselves and others, and tools for self-care to make engaging the hard work of allyship sustainable. We will be drawing from meditation, Family Constellations, Theater of the Oppressed, The Work That Reconnects, Qi Gong, and Nonviolent Communication. The structures of oppression, of humans as well as all other living things, are perpetrated by people, quite often unconsciously, and people primed in their healing capacities are needed to transition these structures into uplifting ones; human beings cooked them up, it will take humane beings to compost them.

Friday, Oct 6| 5pm| Mediteranean

Presented by Jihan McDonald