Compost toilets, Parasites and Social Change

The urgency of leaving water in our rivers means we need to rethink our flush toilets.Many of us are experimenting with homemade composting toilets.
Let’s compare notes about best practices in processing “the material” and get clear about what precautions are in order.

Come prepared to share about your own “research”–what has and hasn’t worked.

Let’s share best practices and precautions in the processing of homemade compost toilet “material”.

Water is a critical resource in CA and there’s not enough being left in the rivers.
Many premies are forgoing flush toilets and experimenting with composting toilets –and using a variety of methods to process the material to make it “safe” to put in the garden. This is important hands on research but also requires some responsibility.
This workshop would give us a chance to compare notes, learn from each other, and perhaps to self correct in case some methods are not recommended.

Sunday, Oct 8| 11am| Zocalo

Presented by Christina Bertea and Nik Bertulis