Ayahuasca Integration: Inhabiting The Ceremony of Life

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This workshop offers tools, practices and perspectives for integrating the potent work with Ayahuasca into your daily life.

Ayahuasca work is a potent catalyst for transformation, bringing direct experiences of truth, transcendence and healing. In the aftermath of such a powerful journey, many people find it challenging to integrate their experience. Whether it is through psychic opening, personal healing & empowerment, shadow work, or a renewed sense of connection to the unified web of life, integration is the process of anchoring these experiences into our daily life, so we can move forward into the world with a deeper sense of wholeness. In this workshop we will work with perspectives and tools for deepening in healthy relationship to ourselves and the world around us, including the realm of Spirit. We will also discuss themes of responsible relationship and cultural appropriation as they pertain to Ayahuasca work.

Presented By: Marni Samuels