Healing Ancestral Trauma

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Connect with the knowledge of your body, which connects you with Mother Earth and your Ancestors.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe (Lakota) stated that

” The effort to protect Mother Earth is all of humanity’s responsibility, not just aboriginal people. Every human being has Ancestors in their lineage that understood their umbilical cord to the Earth and to always protect and thank Her. Therefore, all humanity has to re-connect to the Indigenous Roots of their lineage – to heal their connection and responsibility to Mother Earth.”

Our Ancestors reside within all of us through our DNA, and we are being influenced by this in our daily lived experience through the web of life and their consciousness. Our Ancestors had their programming, patterns, beliefs, attitudes, and this created karmic imprinting for us.

They play a huge role in our circumstances in our present lived experience, even if we are unaware of this. Their traumas affect us, through their karmic imprinting. If this imprinting is negative and it’s not resolved, it will continue to get passed down through our lineage.

We need to heal the memories from our bones & blood, where we store all our memories & hidden codes that connect us with Mother Earth.

Presented By: Pilar Mejia