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BOLO is a dynamic ensemble with Surya Prakasha (Lavay Smith) on drumset, vocals and harmonium, Eliyahu Sills (The Qadim Ensemble) on ney & bansuri flutes, oud, and upright bass, and Evan Fraser (Dirtwire) on West African kamale ngoni (harp), kalimba, and percussion.

With a fresh improvisational approach, the group creates music that will move, uplift and transport. Featuring African sourced grooves with sacred folk songs, African and Indian melodies, BOLO speaks to the heart in a musical language that bridges continents and unites us all.

BOLO s a fresh recipe with ancient ingredients… The sweet music of the soul. It’s the sound of Bolo, who make the connections between different cultures and traditions and forge them into something new, still wearing the honor of the past, but also with the ripe taste of the future. What they’ve created shines out on their self-titled debut album, (released June 25, 2015). With all three members highly schooled in many styles of music, from jazz and soul to West African, North African and Indian, it’s the unique chemistry of the trio that’s set them exploring this untrodden path.

Performance Time: Friday October 9, 11:00 pm – ON