Dancing Freedom: Embodying Resilience

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Ritual predates human language and is the art of changing consciousness at will. We are hard wired for self expression in community. In this conscious dance workshop, we will co-create a safe space for us to move with what’s present individually and as a collective. By creating a container of embodied awareness, we can physically integrate new information, plant seeds of intention and explore emotions that wish to emerge. All has its place in the face and shadow of resilience. Dancing Freedom is a modality that uses somatic, shamanic and ecstatic principles that reveal, heal and inspire. All are welcome and encouraged to move freely.

This experiential workshop is about using dance and ritual as tools to embody resilience, empower and create instant community. Here we can dance our solo dance, go inward AND be with the collective. Throughout the convergence participants will be taking in a lot of information, will be exploring new visions and may be processing powerful feelings. Here, they can ground, integrate and authentically express their findings through their body. Here, they can also have fun, be free and simply play. By practicing sustainable body movement practices, such as Dancing Freedom, we can better take care of ourselves TOGETHER. This cultivates inner and communal resilience which allows us to become effective leaders, conscious activists and soul centered contributors to our world.

The format will start with an opening circle discussing the theme and purpose of the ritual, an explanation of the practice, guidelines and an invocation of what we will each bring into the space: our gifts, our frustrations, our hopes and prayers. We will then dance an elemental wave with varying rhythmic patterns and genres of music. The wave usually lasts for 45 minutes, but will depend on the length of the entire workshop. We will then harvest what we learned through the dance and share it with partners and finish with a closing collective wisdom circle to discuss what came up in the journey and how we can move forward.

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