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Lindsey Uluwehimailani Morriss is on a mission to ignite embodied awakening and effective group collaboration focused on evolving our selves and our world for greater purpose, harmony and connection. Lindsey has co-produced multiple embodied dance events, worldwide conscious flash mobs, and rituals and has lead groups on emergence meditation, conscious evolution and connecting with nature throughout the Bay Area and Hawaii.

She is currently the Program Coordinator for the 2015 Building Resilient Communities Convergence and was the Cultural Director of The Global Summit (2014) and co-producer of last years Bay Area HiveMind. She is a passionate Dancing Freedom™ facilitator teaching the embodied practice of living oneness. She is also the creator of BirthDance 2012, a cosmic movement, meditation and dance event honoring our birth as a collective humanity. As the founder of Spirit Path Healing & Dance, Lindsey assists individuals in awakening their greatest potential through intuitive insights, energetic balancing and evolutionary counseling.

2015 Convergence Workshop: Dancing Freedom: Embodying Resilience