Social Permaculture & Community Organizing

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How can we build stronger relationships within our local communities and groups? Explore fun and practical applications of the permaculture principles in organizing working groups, community events and actions that foster authentic and lasting relationships.

Join Jasmine Fuego for an interactive and engaging workshop on Social Permaculture & Community Organizing. This workshop is about community organizing from a grassroots, local level that will introduce the concept of designing for social cohesion and inclusion within groups. It will also introduce the model used to create the national Permaculture Action Tour. Resiliency begins from a local level. Participants of this workshop will leave this session with the basic tools and ethics for organizing small and large projects, actions and events within their communities with little to no money.

Jasmine is a dancer and will open the discussion with a “mingle” dance which will get people moving around, comfortable and sharing with each other. Participants will experience a gallery crawl where large pieces of paper are posted around the space; people will visit each area and write their responses to the potent questions… from there the vital discussion emerges… which of course is collaborative. Jasmine believes people are natural organizers and have the knowledge to do so already. Sometimes we only need to be pointed or prompted to realize how our specific skill sets can be utilized within our communities.

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