Zone Zero: A Resilient Body Supports Resilient Relationships

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Join Elaine Pendergrast and one other instructor in this interactive workshop.

Building resilient communities can be stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally. Giving and receiving Breema bodywork, and especially practicing Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony, give us practical tools to restore energy to the body, bring clarity to the mind, and balance the feelings, in any activity or condition of life. Then we are available to experience a deeper connection not only to ourselves, but to the entirety of Existence as well, by truly recognizing there is no such thing as separation and everything is interrelated. By coming to a taste of presence within ourselves, we become more able to create and sustain the relationships needed to benefit our well-being and that of others.

Our workshop is very experiential, hands-on and interactive. I will be co-leading the workshop with Susan Mankowski, also an instructor from the Breema Center. Participants will be learning and practicing the simple, natural movements of Breema bodywork (people pair up to practice) and Self-Breema (each person does the movements themselves). Done fully clothed on a comfortably padded surface, the emphasis is on each participant making a deeper connection to themselves by bringing the mind to be with the activity of the body. Although it sounds simple, this will allow each person to recognize that their mind is hardly ever where their body is, and see the difference when it is. They may also experience a moment of unity within themselves when the true feelings joining in, and have an actual taste of being present, of their own actual existence in unity with everything that exists. This practice provides a way for people to become more receptive, and invite moments of presence, given from a higher dimension, into their daily lives.

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