Policy Making for Resilient Local Economies

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To create socially and economically resilient communities, we need to change or create thousands of city, state, and federal laws. What if every person takes charge of advocating for and passing just one law? By turning community organizers and climate activists into policy advocates for resilient communities, we could ring in an era of new laws that remove barriers to and create incentives for regional food systems, community-owned renewable energy, local industry, worker-owned enterprises, shared housing, and other aspects of thriving communities. Join Christina Oatfield and Yassi Eskandari from the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) for a conversation about what it takes to be a policy advocate. The workshop will:
  • Provide you with 10 Tips for DIY Policymaking
  • Review multiple case studies of successful high-impact policy efforts (including the CA Homemade Food Act, the CA Neighborhood Food Act, and state and local policies to promote worker cooperatives)
  • Include a survey of over 30 model policy ideas for more resilient and people-centered cities
  • Engage workshop participants in a conversation about their policy advocacy experience and how they can develop their personal policymaking goals and plans!

Learn more about Christina Oatfield and Yassi Eskandari