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  • Christopher Kuntzsch

    Christopher Kuntzsch

    Christopher is a leadership and life coach, facilitator, workshop leader, and Founding Co-Director of Ecology of Leadership Programs at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California. Along with decades of deep nature connection and ceremonial work, he also served as a biologist on dozens of …

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  • Cob For Kids 2

    Cob for Kids!

    Come play with clay! Get your hands dirty and learn one of the coolest ways to build with natural material.  For children of all ages, come explore the messy and enchanting world of cob. Less see what we can build! Presented by: Nico Morris Check …

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  • Max Meyers Ws E1472511038139

    Combining the Sciences of Permaculture & Aquaponics


    Wether you are a beginner, a backyard hobbyist, a homesteader, or a skilled professional wanting to grow more food sustainably and for less work, Aquaponics has something to offer. Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines …

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  • Hqdefault

    Community Drought Solutions – Building Resilience and Abundance Through a Wholistic Design Approach

    With many years experience in water harvesting and permaculture design, Loren, Neil and Jeremiah will share case studies of water harvesting designs and installations from small residential active system to broad/farm scale techniques. Join us in exploring proven techniques to achieve water and food security …

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  • Earth Learning

    Community Food Forestry Initiative

    Mario will introduce the Community Food Forestry Initiative (CFFI), a national initiative funded by USDA Forest Service Community & Urban Forestry grant. The initiative takes a unique and innovative approach to address the challenge of urban and community tree canopy loss due to re/development by …

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    Daisy Ozim

    Daisy Ozim, is the Director of Resilient Wellness, a holistic health education and services program. In addition she is a co-founder of Earth Healing Collective. She has been involved in community based outreach and advocacy and civic youth engagement, since her late teens. As a …

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    Dancing Freedom: Regenerate Zone Zero- Vision, Movement, Action

    Through dance and movement meditation we can celebrate and cultivate our diverse culture within, seed our vision with breath and intention, and activate a new reality of a vibrant zone zero with our body as home. Come apply permie principles to stewarding relationship with self …

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  • Davidcasey 768x509

    David Casey

    David Casey is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Political Economy of Industrial Societies, with concentrations in Global Poverty & Practice and Energy & Resources. David has lived and worked in seven countries in Latin America, where he has built an extensive network of connections …

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  • David Grefrath

    David Grefrath

    David Grefrath has been learning from and helping communities in the Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation & the Bay Area since 2007 by facilitating farming & community gardening, as well as wetland & prairie restoration. In 2009, he led a …

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  • DaveHageHeadshot220x265

    David Hage

    Dave Hage is a Co-Founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education, and he is a facilitator for the WE Immersion 9-month program. He brings a deep love of the earth, humanity, creativity, and possibility into everything he does. He is a dedicated leader …

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  • Ivan Dragon Dreaming

    Dragon Dreaming the Future

    Dragon Dreaming is a methodology based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment. Drawing upon the insights and experience of Living Systems Theory, Deep Ecology, Transpersonal Psychology, group dynamics, and organizational development, and from indigenous Third and Fourth World cultures and applying them to …

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  • Ecological Restoration Earth Repair And Permaculture Setting Up A Working Group

    Ecological Restoration, Earth Repair and Permaculture: Setting up a working group

    Permaculture has a lot to offer the ecological restoration movement (and vice versa). What would a permaculture approach look like? How can permaculture contribute to grassroots earth repair movements? Let’s set up a working group to work at and after the Convergence. The goal is …

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  • Robin Bloom And Annahata

    Embodying Permaculture

    The Embodying Permaculture workshop is an interactive experience that integrates the permaculture principles and ethics with body-centered awareness practices including transformational theater, collective musical creation, and guided exercises that activate the 5 senses. We complete this journey with a solution-focused discussion counsel, culminating in the …

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  • Fairshare Permaculturejpg

    FairShare Permaculture

    Town and City Permaculture will put on an interactive workshop. About how diversity helps permaculture truly realize it’s expressed ethics. We will delve into, how can we design. For inclusivity within the permaculture movement. Our workshop will be interactive. It is relevant to Building Resilient …

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  • AL Web

    Film Screening: Abundant Land: Soil, Seeds and Sovereignty – Followed by Q&A with Director

    ABUNDANT LAND is a documentary about a Hawaiian community on Moloka’i challenging the biotech industry’s use of the island to test genetically engineered seeds. Biotech corporations including Monsanto and Mycogen are depleting Moloka’i’s topsoil and fresh water while contributing to dust storms that spread pesticides …

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  • Gu Logo Coral Ball Labe

    Gaia U: 10 Years of Supporting EcoSocial Designers. What’s Next?

    In 2006 Gaia U opened its (virtual) doors to 40 intrepid actionists–ready to self-design and direct their learning and unlearning pathways through documented hands-on local projects while creating regenerative livelihoods. A “revolution disguised as a university” was how one of our pioneers put it. Liora …

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  • Ozzi Kleen Residential Grey Water Treatment Diagram

    Grey Water-ReUse

    In this time of drought it is more important than ever to appreciate our access to clean water and to consider using it twice when it is safe and legal to do so. You will get an overview of how easy it is to create …

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  • Grover Stock

    Grover Stock

    Grover is a long time organic food forest farmer, educator, and consultant. He was recently transplanted in Calistoga, CA to create a Biodynamic/Permaculture education site. As a Soil Food Web Advisor, he consults with farmers and gardeners to create and maintain the dynamic living cycles …

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  • Hank Herrera

    Hank Herrera

    Hank Herrera is President & CEO of the Center for Popular Research, Education & Policy (C-PREP), a non-profit community based organization. C-PREP serves vulnerable communities with participatory action research, training, technical assistance and policy. His work specifically focuses on food justice and building community resilience. …

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  • David Grefrath Healing With Fire

    Healing with fire: using prescribed fire to restore cultural and ecological values in California

    The goal of this workshop is to discuss the integral use of fire in the past in California and, in the wake of mega-fires across the American West, how prescribed burns can help reduce risk of catastrophic fires and help plant and human communities heal. …

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