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  • Natasha

    Natasha Florentino

    Natasha Florentino is a documentary filmmaker and video producer. She recently completed Abundant Land: Soil, Seeds and Sovereignty, a feature length documentary about a Hawaiian community challenging the biotech industry’s use of their island to test genetically engineered seeds. In 2014 she was selected as …

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  • Neil Bertando Head Shot

    Neil Bertrando

    Based in Reno, NV, Neil Bertrando manages a 1.3 acre homestead with his wife Katie and the help of many in the community. His passion is enriching bioregions by building community and broadening the local genetic resources of practical plants and animals to relocalize resource …

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  • Networking The Transformational Ecosystem

    Networking the Transformational Ecosystem

    Networking the Transformational Ecosystem consists of a number of social enterprises and non-profits (generally 15) giving 3-minute presentations in front of the participants, and then connecting with the participants directly at tables. The organizations present on who they are, what they do, what their needs …

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  • Nik Bertulis

    Nik Bertulis

    Nik Bertulis is an ecological innovator who is fascinated by humanity’s intrinsic regenerative potential. He has a degree in ecological design from Colorado College and has been developing regenerative infrastructure around California, the U.S.A. and Mexico for more than 20 years. He is currently a …

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  • Liora Headshot  Public Speaking

    Our 200 Year Plan: Designing our Future Together

    What is our 200 year plan—for our planet? For our permaculture and communities movements? What are our best strategies? How do we achieve these? Liora Adler, co-founder of Gaia U, will facilitate a panel of permaculture and community leaders to inspire group discussion by attendees. …

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  • Adopt A Seed

    Permaculture and the Indigenous Contribution: A Courageous Conversation

    How can permaculturalists best acknowledge that permaculture was not “invented” by Bill Mollison? That Indigenous People have practiced permaculture principles like Food Forests while observing nature for millenia? This workshop will bring together Indigenous voices to share stories about their cultures and discuss how we …

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  • Living Ecology

    Permaculture Projects with Villagers in a Drought Affected Area of India

    This workshop will talk about the permaculture work Living Ecology and Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, hosts of the next International Permaculture Convergence are doing in Telangana, India. They work with the state’s poorest farmers to bring a drought resilient alternative to the GMO crops the villagers …

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  • Jamaica Awakenjai 1

    ReInhabiting the Village: Interactive Workshop

    What is the Culture of the Modern Village and how are we creating a Global Village? As we become increasingly aware of our interconnection on this one shared home called Earth, there is a compelling call to find our common threads and become the stewards …

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  • Eclectic Landscape

    Resetting the Dinner Table, Rebuilding Our World

    Holistic Regenerative Food Shed Design for the Next Century Rebuilding our local food systems means not just connecting local consumers to local farmers, but actually rebuilding our local foodshed into a robust interconnected community. We have begun to recapture the art of applying holistic design …

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  • Community

    Resilience in the Face of WildFires – The Lake County Story

    Panel of three people: Nils Paulsen, Brenda Quintero and Fairlight Alghren share three perspectives and highlight community service work we are involved in. Highlights will include building collaborative partnerships, working with forestry and CalFire on land mitigation after forest fires, working with funding agencies and …

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  • Mother Earth By Novembro

    Resource or Being, how do we treat our place in the world?

    Is our earth a resource or a being? This workshop will engage the participants in an interactive dialogue to explore the stories of the places we come from and our relationship to them as designers, gardeners and farmers. We will actively seek solutions to the …

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  • Robin Liepman

    Robin Liepman

    Robin Liepman (Bloom) is a co-founder and co-organizer of the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour ( He is a world traveller, here to re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant balanced existence. Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California …

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  • Ruthie King

    Ruthie King

    Ruthie King grew up in Southern California before heading east to attend Columbia University, where she studied planning and design with a focus on ways to integrate sustainability into the built environment. After graduating with a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Development, she moved to …

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  • Troy Horton Sasha Shankar

    Sasha Shankar

    Sasha Shankar it the president of Town and City Permaculture. 2016 Convergence Workshop: FairShare Permaculture

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  • Sky Blue IMG 1

    Sky Blue


    Over the last 18 years, Sky Blue has been a member of Twin Oaks Community, a housing collective, a student housing cooperative, a cohousing community, and two small worker co-operative businesses. He current works as the Executive Director for the Fellowship for Intentional Community. He’s …

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  • Stephanie Maldonado

    Stephanie Maldonado

    Stephanie graduated with her Bachelors in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University where she studied Holistic Health, Urban Development, and Environmental Problems and Solutions. She is a radical activist for the environment, a guerrilla gardner, free-lance herbalist, permaculturalist, and social enterprise entrepreneur. She lives …

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  • Max Brotman The Mycelial Metaphor

    The Mycelial Metaphor

    The Mycelial Metaphor shows us patterns of interaction and organization that are shape of resiliency and co-operation. Examination of fungal ecologies and life cycles reveal the narrowness of reductionism, individualism, and of gender binary. This session will examine fungal ecology and the nutrient cycle, revealing …

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  • Troy Horton Sasha Shankar

    Troy Horton

    Troy Horton of Town and City Permaculture. Is a grass-roots permaculture practitioner based in Oakland, CA. He has a strong focus on introducing "inner-city youth" and their communites to permaculture. He has organized and held a previous permaculture diversity talk/event, along with being a constant …

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  • Urban Roof Top Garden

    Urban Permaculture: From Toronto to Tel Aviv

    Join international permaculturalist Jillian Hovey on a slide show tour of urban permaculture in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Cardiff, London, Barcelona, the Hague, Cologne, Hamburg, Bucharest, and Tel Aviv. Presented By: Jillian Hovey  

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