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  • AdvP Round

    Film: “Adventures in Permaculture: Transition West Coast”

    Permie-journos Steven Saint Thomas and Trudy Thomas traveled from San Francisco to Seattle to document the West Coast’s burgeoning Transition movement. See how permaculturists are taking design principles to the collective level, transforming whole communities to build resilient, local food systems. “Adventures in Permaculture: Transition …

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  • Maya Blow FoodasMedicine.jpg

    Food As Medicine

    Many of our most common garden weeds contain highly valuable medicinal properties. These wayside weeds living all around us possess special nutritional and healing powers that often surpass cultivated plants. Traditionally these medicines were eaten as foods in cultures across the globe. In this workshop …

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  • Blackhorse Shasta Gift Economy

    Gift Economy: Nature’s Economy

    This talk is an invitation to take a deeper look at nature’s economy, also known as the gift economy. We will be using the tree as an analogy for understanding how humanity can embody a more natural way of life, one in where we are …

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  • Ozzi Kleen Residential Grey Water Treatment Diagram

    Grey Water-ReUse

    In this time of drought it is more important than ever to appreciate our access to clean water and to consider using it twice when it is safe and legal to do so. You will get an overview of how easy it is to create …

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  • High efficiency greywater systems as a game changer for widespread adoption

    How to design high tech and low tech greywater systems, new technologies allowing for integrated control and management systems for greywater, rainwater and freshwater irrigation. High efficiency greywater systems as a game changer for widespread adoption of greywater irrigation as a core element of green …

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  • How to Design New Social Architectures

      Understanding the principles new social architectures are based on, and then having a go at designing some of these new systems. We look at the process of designing/inventing social architectures like World Cafe, Nonviolent Communication, Timebanks, and Sociocracy. The underlying principles of new systems …

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  • How To Start An Ecovillage

    How to Start an Ecovillage

    Today ecovillages represent some of the best solutions we have for correcting human habitation living at cross purposes with the natural world, addressing sectors such as housing, energy, transportation, food, water and human behavior. Come learn about the requirements necessary for a successful ecovillage from …

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  • 10487371 633955656711363 6155588328357200126 N

    Intentional Communities: Workshop Series

    Workshop 1) How Intentional Communities Can Change the World Intentional communities have been acting as laboratories and social experiments for cooperation, sustainability, and social justice since the 1930’s. The current movement encompasses a broad array of models and organizations that bridge historic communities with new …

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  • Jamaica

    Jamaica Stevens – ReInhabiting the Village

    Jamaica Stevens is the Author and Project Manager for “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” in partnership with Keyframe Entertainment. As an Organizational Design Consultant, Jamaica works with Whole Systems principles empowering people, projects and organizations to THRIVE! She is also an experienced event producer, …

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  • Jan Spencer Allies And Assets

    Jan Spencer

    Jan Spencer lives in Eugene, Oregon and has been a strong advocate for creating a green and resilient economy and culture for years. He has a degree in Geography and has traveled to over 35 countries on four continents. Jan has been transforming his 1/4 …

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  • John Valenzuela 250

    John Valenzuela

    John Valenzuela is a horticulturist, consultant, and permaculture educator. He has been a lead permaculture design course teacher at the Bullock Family Homestead in Orcas Island, Washington, for 10 years, also having taught in Costa Rica and throughout urban and rural California. His special interests …

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  • Larry Goldberg E1473292120450

    Larry Goldberg

    Larry Goldberg is a founder of Transition Humboldt and the executive director of Humboldt Plan it Green, an environmental education nonprofit that focuses on sustainability issues and building resilient community. He is a member of the NorCal Community Resilience Network. He recently worked as the …

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  • Crystal Huang Leadership And Innovation Embodiment

    Leadership and Innovation Embodiment

    In partnership with the NorCal Community Resilience Network: Are you leading a grassroots organization or just new to the scene? FUTURE-READY NOW! is the Leadership Training for Powerful Co-Creators of the Planet. In this workshop, you will practice new ways to be more creative, generative, …

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  • Mario Yanez

    Mario Yanez

    Mario Yanez has dedicated his life’s work to envisioning and inspiring a transition toward life-sustaining, resilient human communities. He has a professional background in finance, information systems and ecology. Mario has several decades of experience applying systems thinking in nonprofits, developing and funding cutting-edge programming. …

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  • Maya2

    Maya Blow

    Maya Blow is an herbalist and classical homeopath practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies in Northern California and also completed four years of homeopathic medical school at the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy in …

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  • Megan ONeil

    Megan O’Neil

    Megan O’Neil is the Community Choice Outreach Coordinator at the Local Clean Energy Alliance, where she has helped build a county-wide coalition of over 50 organizations supporting a Community Choice program that brings real benefits to our communities. Megan joined the Local Clean Energy Alliance …

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  • Mike Lomuto

    Mike Lomuto

    Mike Lomuto is dedicated to strengthening the local small business community in the Bay Area.  He grew up in San Francisco’s Sunset District and believes very strongly in bringing the old-school principles of Village living into the modern economy.  Mike is excited to bring his …

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  • Rye Flint Mycofoodforest


    Come explore some of the mysterious realms of symbiotic fungi and how they live with their plant hosts. Stack some functions! Learn how to integrate mushrooms and fungi into your perennial food forest environment. Your host Rye N. Flint, co-owner of the oldest Truffle Farm …

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  • Nik Bertulis

    Nik Bertulis

    Nik Bertulis is an ecological innovator who is fascinated by humanity’s intrinsic regenerative potential. He has a degree in ecological design from Colorado College and has been developing regenerative infrastructure around California, the U.S.A. and Mexico for more than 20 years. He is currently a …

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  • Nils Profile Photo

    Nils Palsson

    Nils Palsson is Communications and Special Projects Coordinator at Transition US, and a founding member of Transition Lake County. He is a father, author, teacher, radio host, and former candidate for U.S. Congress, with a passion for building bridges from the world of Transition and …

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