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  • Nils Palsson

    Nils Palsson is Communications Coordinator at Transition US, and a founding member of Transition Lake County in rural Northern California. He is a father, author, teacher, radio host, Bernie Delegate and former candidate for U.S. Congress, with a passion for building bridges from the world …

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  • Jamaica Awakenjai 1

    ReInhabiting the Village: Interactive Workshop

    What is the Culture of the Modern Village and how are we creating a Global Village? As we become increasingly aware of our interconnection on this one shared home called Earth, there is a compelling call to find our common threads and become the stewards …

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  • Eclectic Landscape

    Resetting the Dinner Table, Rebuilding Our World

    Holistic Regenerative Food Shed Design for the Next Century Rebuilding our local food systems means not just connecting local consumers to local farmers, but actually rebuilding our local foodshed into a robust interconnected community. We have begun to recapture the art of applying holistic design …

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    Seth D Peterson

    Seth Peterson is a second generation urban farmer, who grew up among chickens and mulch piles, and then going on to gain his wealth of knowledge and culinary experience living, working and cooking in the U.S., Mexico & Brazil over the last 25 years. Upon …

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  • Tom Llewellyn Sharing Cities 1

    Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons

    The concept of sharing cities is getting considerable traction with grassroots groups and city governments around the world. Seoul, Amsterdam, London and Milan are just four examples. While these efforts share commonalities, the sharing city concept is not well defined. This presents important opportunities (and …

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  • Sky Blue IMG 1

    Sky Blue


    Over the last 18 years, Sky Blue has been a member of Twin Oaks Community, a housing collective, a student housing cooperative, a cohousing community, and two small worker co-operative businesses. He current works as the Executive Director for the Fellowship for Intentional Community. He’s …

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  • ST 0

    Steven Saint Thomas & Trudy Thomas

    STEVEN SAINT THOMAS earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and has been writing articles for newspapers and magazines for the past 25 years. He has worked as an award-winning daily newspaper reporter in Colorado and editor of six community newspapers in San …

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  • Sunil Nair

    Sunil R Nair

    Sunil Nair is the Founder & CEO of Cogarden – a technology platform that connects People, Plants, and Places. Sunil has been involved in a variety of Food Justice initiatives – Seed Lending Libraries, Community Gardens, Urban Homesteading – along the East Bay, and at …

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  • Permaculture Mainstream

    Taking Permaculture to The Mainstream – Allies and Assets

    Allies and Assets is about making use of existing social, community and built infrastructure for taking permaculture further to the mainstream. The presentation will describe a variety of city programs, community entities, built infrastructure found in almost any town or city, that can be used …

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  • Green Acres

    The Evolution of Green Acres Urban Village

    In 2009, Ann Kreilkamp bought the house next door to hers because it had a large sunny lawn. Over the next two years, the lawn was converted to a permaculture garden via workshops with permaculture teachers and neighborhood involvement. Both houses now hold three people …

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  • 3153964 Orig

    There is No Away: Make Your Very Own Bottle Brick

    Just throw it Away! Where is this mythical place “Away”? This workshop is a breakdown of the American waste stream and it’s impact on the environment and people. Anna Purna encourages you to throw it a better way – into a Bottle Brick that can …

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    Tom Llewellyn

    Tom Llewellyn is the Organizing Director at, and a lifelong sharer, commoner and story teller. He coordinates the global Sharing Cities Network, #MapJam, and other community sharing campaigns, in addition to collaborating on Shareable’s weekly publishing, co-editing the Shareable Guide to Sharing book series …

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  • Lampa

    Transforming Money to Benefit Society

    Money itself has hidden characteristics that many people are completely unaware of. Yet these characteristics shape people’s behavior in relation to one another, affect social norms, and ultimately influence the culture of communities and society. As a group, participants in this workshop will play a …

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  • Transition 101: Permaculture Your Town!

    Is your community ready for anything? Join this workshop to explore the dynamic intersection between transition, permaculture, and emergency preparedness. Let’s get resilient! How resilient is your community? How ready are you for the natural and man-made disasters and disruptions that inevitably accompany climate change? …

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  • Urban Roof Top Garden

    Urban Permaculture: From Toronto to Tel Aviv

    Join international permaculturalist Jillian Hovey on a slide show tour of urban permaculture in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Cardiff, London, Barcelona, the Hague, Cologne, Hamburg, Bucharest, and Tel Aviv. Presented By: Jillian Hovey  

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    Yasir Cross

    Yasir is co-owner and Beekeeping instructor at Soul Flower Farm where he practices the Warre style of beekeeping, constructs hives and teaches others to do the same. A Beekeeper of 14 years Yasir also builds, teaches permaculture design, rain and greywater catchment and bio-dynamic farming. …

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