The Art of Facilitation

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In this workshop, we will build a toolbox of skills and practices for intentional and just facilitation of groups. The ways that we hold and move through our meetings can end up replicating on a micro scale the very systems of inequity and scarcity that we are working to change. But, just as powerfully, with intention and practical tools, meetings can serve as inclusive and accessible spaces in which to model and create practices of a just and thriving world. The voices that feel welcome in the room affect the world we will build. Fair share through facilitation is essential- and it’s also creative and fun! Participants will leave with activities, practices, and frameworks to apply in their own meetings, classes, and communities.

Learn and practice skills for modeling/embodying resilience and justice in the ways we lead our meetings, groups and classes.

Friday Oct 6| 2pm| Hops Tipi 

Presented By: Rachel Economy