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  • Meditation

    Morning Meditation

    One hour of collective silence to encourage and support introspection, contemplation, and mental regeneration. A simple sit each morning at a central location, with no guidance. Will begin and end with a simple sound or subtle gesture. Held by Karmendra Rossy

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  • Unnamed 5

    The Latest on Vegetable and Fruit Tree Roots – for Greater Yields

    See more new root drawing of vegetables and fruit trees than ever shown before. The discussion will focus on: where do roots get most of their nutrition. How do roots compete for water and fertility? How to use root drawings to increase yields. Learn about …

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  • RyanRisingConsultingPermacultureDesign 2

    Building Networks to Catalyze Regenerative Action: A Permaculture Action Tour Report

    Hear a report back from the Permaculture Action Tour – a tour that partnered with a well known music producer to host 32 Action Days in cities across the country following shows in major urban venues. These Permaculture Action Days brought out up to 400 …

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  • Juliana Beach Headshot1

    Juliana Birnbaum

    Trained as a cultural anthropologist and skilled in four languages, Juliana has published about social and environmental justice in a variety of media. She is a mother, a midwife assistant, and most recently a founder of The Western Gate, a non-profit community teahouse, classroom and library in West Marin …

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  • Unilever Highlights Good Business Sense Of Sustainability Strict Xxl

    Regenerative Funding: Raising Resources for the Movement

    How do we use the permaculture ethics and practices in resource development that is regenerative? What funding opportunities exist to support our work? What impacts our ability to access, steward and regenerate these resources? How is fundraising an opportunity to connect around what we hold …

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  • CCICameron 3

    Cameron Meeks

    Cameron Meeks is the founder of Myriad Mycology LLC and director of current operations. Cameron presently manages 2 fungal sterile tissue laboratories and Myriad’s mushroom research and development grow rooms. His diverse experience in the field of Mycology has included working for Paul Stamets at …

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  • 36f45de

    Corrine L. Van Hook

    Corrine is the Co-Director for Bay Localize co-leading organizational management and development. She also manages communications and outreach. As a former IDEAL Scholar, she witnessed and continues to witness the compelling impact of investing in youth and disenfranchised communities so that leadership can reflect the …

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  • 35f707c

    Colin Miller

    Colin is the Co-Director for Bay Localize co-leading organizational management and development, and managing programs of the Local Clean Energy Alliance. In 2013, he coordinated the Alliance’s fourth annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference. Colin graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a BA in …

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  • Rynflint1

    Rye N Flint

    Rye N Flint resides in a balck oak Savannah in Northern California. He surthrives in an off-grid tiny home, and runs a edible plant nursery and mycoremediation business. He has a B.S. degree in Soil Science, and a permaculture design certification. He gives talks and …

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  • Close Up ANTONIO

    Antonio Roman-Alcalá

    Antonio is a dedicated student and teacher of urban sustainability, working primarily in agriculture, food systems, and social justice-driven community organizing.  His knowledge bridges the practical and theoretical, stemming from his hands-on experience designing and managing multiple urban farms and advocacy organizations, and earning degrees with highest honors in urban …

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  • Marisha 2

    Marisha Auerbach

    Marisha Auerbach is a permaculture teacher and consultant based in Portland, OR.  She has been actively practicing, studying, and teaching Permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade, specializing in food production, seedsaving, ecology, and useful plants. Her practical experience has been gained while …

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  • Ayako Nagano 5

    Ayako Nagano

    Ayako Nagano is an attorney, entrepreneur and a community organizer. Ayako is a frequent volunteer at Transition Berkeley and the Northern California Resilience Network. She presently serves on the Board of ZenPlay, a charitable organization that crowd-sources funds to help under-served children both locally and …

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  • Photo 2

    Nashelley Kaplan-Dailey

    Nashelley graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2013 where she focused on California Water Law. While attending USD, Nashelley worked for the San Diego Mayor’s Office under Jerry Sanders as an Environmental Policy Intern and was an active member of …

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  • 874564


    Magenta is an artist, healer, and systems engineer. She is the Executive Director of the Evolver Network, an open-source community platform for sustainable planetary culture. She designed the HiveMind festival as a community forum to coalition build among organizations and leaders devoted to healthy ecology, …

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  • Kerry Brady Wksp

    Ego-System Re-Story-ation: Ecology of Awakening

    In order to create truly just and resilient communities, it is essential we Re-Story ourselves out of the predominant narrative of people and planet as commodity into the reality of being an inherent part of the ever-evolving web of Life. By placing ourselves into the …

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  • Kerry 08

    Kerry Brady

    Kerry Brady, MA, SEP, supports others in awakening to an embodied recognition of our essential nature and inherent place within the larger unfolding web of life. She has over 25 years of experience in transformational modalities including psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing trauma work, permaculture, nature-based retreats …

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  • Al Weinrub

    Al Weinrub

    Al Weinrub is Coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA), the Bay Area’s largest clean energy coalition. The LCEA, which hosts an annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference, sees the development of local energy resources as key to growing sustainable business, advancing social equity, …

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  • Al Weinrub Workshop

    Community Choice Energy: A Pathway to Resilient, Energy-Secure Communities

    As the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change become more pronounced, Community Choice energy can be a powerful vehicle for democratizing energy, spurring local sustainable economic development, and building more resilient communities. This workshop will explore the relationship between local renewable energy and …

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  • Photo1

    Amber Bieg

    Amber is a philosopher-inventor-ecogeek with a passion for ethical finance and a mission to create a thriving future for everyone. She has nearly 15 years of experience in sustainability marketing, systems design and sustainable development. As the principal of Green-Ideas, Amber has worked with clients …

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  • Unnamed2

    Alison Wood

    Alison Wood is a mother, student, community herbalist and devoteé of the wild. She is passionate about sustainable, off-the-grid community healthcare where we are empowered to tend our (and our children’s!) health through effective Earth-based remedies that don’t rely on the pharmaceutical industry. Alison created …

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