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    Courageous Conversations: A Dojo for Embodying Resilience

    This three hour workshop has been designed as an opportunity to dive deep and face off with our own need and longing for alliance with one another across the lines of privilege and power. Join us for the brave work of deconstructing the social obstacles …

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    Crystal Huang

    Crystal employs strategy and implements operations for organizations working on building regenerative systems. She has worked in variety of sectors, including public, private, and development sectors, driving strategy decisions for startups, non-profits and C-suite. Her experience in sustainability consists of resource recovery, energy management, and …

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    Cultivating Self Love for Productivity and Connection

    Self love is like Caring for your garden. If done well, it can be a blossoming contribution to the amount of roses and ripe fruits you see expressed in its beauty. Through poetry and passion Déva Presence will share his personal practice of self love …

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    Dancing Freedom: Regenerate Zone Zero- Vision, Movement, Action

    Through dance and movement meditation we can celebrate and cultivate our diverse culture within, seed our vision with breath and intention, and activate a new reality of a vibrant zone zero with our body as home. Come apply permie principles to stewarding relationship with self …

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    Dancing with the Trees : Exploring an Authentic Relationship with the More than Human World

    Holding the worldview that the earth and all beings on it are alive and connected, this workshop combines the practice of Authentic Movement with Heart Field Perception to help us move with the rhythm of the trees. This process will hold not just other people …

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    David Hage

    Dave Hage is a Co-Founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education, and he is a facilitator for the WE Immersion 9-month program. He brings a deep love of the earth, humanity, creativity, and possibility into everything he does. He is a dedicated leader …

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  • Design Thinking for Equitable Communities

    Let’s talk about Design and Social Justice. We know that design has the power to elevate everything it touches—from products, to systems, to spaces. But when it comes to our greatest challenges around economic equity, access, and inclusion, what roles does design play in advancing …

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    Déva Presence

    Unbound by definition is a man who seeks the freedom to BE. Past achievements and future endeavors forgo the present moment experience. To be present, a gift, is what Author and Performing Artist Déva Presence brings to life. A memoir and a music album during …

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  • Blackhorse Shasta Gift Economy

    Gift Economy: Nature’s Economy

    This talk is an invitation to take a deeper look at nature’s economy, also known as the gift economy. We will be using the tree as an analogy for understanding how humanity can embody a more natural way of life, one in where we are …

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  • Grover Stock

    Grover Stock

    Grover is a long time organic food forest farmer, educator, and consultant. He was recently transplanted in Calistoga, CA to create a Biodynamic/Permaculture education site. As a Soil Food Web Advisor, he consults with farmers and gardeners to create and maintain the dynamic living cycles …

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  • Hannah Shadrick

    Hannah Shadrick

    Hannah Shadrick, a recent transplant to SF from Chattanooga, TN, is a 200-hour trained Vinyasa yoga teacher. She recently completed 40 hours in Trauma Sensitive Yoga training through the Trauma Center at JRI. Appropriate for her Kapha-Pitta nature, Hannah’s yoga teaching has been described as …

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  • Harrison Quigley

    Harrison Quigley

    Harrison is a Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Co-op, a start-up Utah Benefit Corporation social enterprise. An educator, management trainer and consultant for over twenty-five years, Harrison worked with organizations on four continents in the software, legal, retail, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, market research, and …

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  • Plant Int

    Herbal Intelligence

    Is it possible that herbs are not only conscious but also intelligent? Singing Bear will share some stories about herbs that may astound you. An awareness probably awoke in you the moment that you first encountered an exotic flower or the first time you had …

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    Here We Grow … DRUM!

    Connect – Nourish – Grow – Activate – Release – Sustain concepts are alive in the prinicples of Permaculture. Drumming has been an integral part of human experience and must now be re-ignited in movements of today and for our future. Join us in an …

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  • How to Design New Social Architectures

      Understanding the principles new social architectures are based on, and then having a go at designing some of these new systems. We look at the process of designing/inventing social architectures like World Cafe, Nonviolent Communication, Timebanks, and Sociocracy. The underlying principles of new systems …

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  • How To Start An Ecovillage

    How to Start an Ecovillage

    Today ecovillages represent some of the best solutions we have for correcting human habitation living at cross purposes with the natural world, addressing sectors such as housing, energy, transportation, food, water and human behavior. Come learn about the requirements necessary for a successful ecovillage from …

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  • Hannah Shadrick Interoceptive Yoga

    Interoceptive Yoga

    So often in our everyday, we are asked to discount our own experiences, to dismiss our intuition, to invalidate our judgment. Interoceptive yoga invites you to re-establish this broken connection between what’s happening outside your body and what’s happening within it. Together, we will make …

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  • Ochenda Collen And Dick

    Invisible Structures: A Cooperative Model for Local Food Production & Distribution

    Harrison Quigley, Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative, will present the Onchenda cooperative social enterprise business model, and how it is intended to regenerate healthy local communities, economies and ecosystems once launched. He will be seeking participation from workshop attendees on perfecting the model …

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  • Jihan McDonald

    Jihan has received the Alpha Delta Leadership Award and a Changemaker Fellowship Award for their work in developing Allies for Life for people to learn pro-active interpersonal allyship. Jihan has worked with people ages 8-80 on learning skills, tools, and capacities for assertiveness, empathy, self-realization, …

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  • Jim Collins Gardening The Little Known Path Of Effective Activism

    Jim Collins

    Jim Collins, Ph.D., known as “Redtail,” is a wisdom-keeper in the lineages of both the Lakota Sun Dance tradition and the Laika shamans of Peru. He is also an ecopsychologist, self-mastery coach, master gardener, sustainability activist and former psychotherapist whose extensive experience spans nearly four …

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